djDirk-Jan Swagerman is a result driven innovation and development leader and mentor. Enjoying technology and multi site multi disciplinary development. Fulfilled software architecture, functional  management and project leading roles. Practical hands on manager with process affinity. Conceptual and creative thinker. Demonstrated ability to build strong cross site and cross functional relationships. Strong experience with Czech and United States work cultures.   My goal is learn and expand my in company entrepreneurial business skills. This was the reason to start with Master of Business Innovation program at Tias Nimbas in March 2010. I completed this program in June 2012. In the context of the study i started to host my own tiddlyspace for notekeeping and bookmarking on different subjects. The site is primairly aimed for my own use,but you can explore the different subjects:



  • MBI, study notes for my Master of Business Innovation study at ~Tias-Nimbas
  • Sales, summaries of books on sales, negotiation and influence.
  • Business Games, started reading the book Gamestorming but extended with other games i stumbled upon.
  • Software, bookmarks on software articles that interested me.
  • Microscopy, lectures and bookmarks about microscopy
  • Management, softskills and management bookmarks
  • DISC, made an effort to document the DISC people profiles pretty detailed in a tiddlywiki way.
  • FDA, FDA regulation summary i created when i started at Philips Healthcare IXR

You can reach me at Dirk-Jan Swagerman,connect through linkedin or follow me on twitter:
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