Using jsxgraph to create explorable explanations

A while ago, i came across the concept of explorable explanation as envisioned by Bret Victor and loved it immediately. Any document can be so much powerful when you can interact with it. Steven Wolfram recognized the value as well when his company introduced the computable document format. I struggled a bit finding a good technology to use the concept of an explorable explanation myself until i found jsxgraph. Jsxgraph is a very powerful javascript API to create mathematical graphs and which you can easily include in any technology which can host javascript. So far i was able to include it as a plugin in my tiddlyspace and created several explorable explanation so far. I started creating a visual explanation for how the phase of an electron wave changes in each point in space adds up: Phases for young fringes And during the last MBI study block on business economics i felt the need to visualize how the economic concepts of a demand curve, elasticity, marginal and real revenue relate to each other: Elasticity, The demand curve and Revenue Enjoy!

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